24 Beer Advent Calendars | Create Your Own | Bottles & Cans Up To 500ml

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Product Description Key Points
Create your own Beer Advent Calendars with our Famous, Eye Catching 2 Colour Printed advent boxes. The box has individual internal pockets and a punch through hole for each day. This box is made exclusively from high quality FSC sustainably sourced board that is 100% recyclable after use.
  • 24 Pocket Capacity
  • Attractive Christmas Print
  • Fits Bottles/Cans up to 500ml
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Easy to Construct & Fill
  • FSC Sourced Material

Folding Instructions are available to download on the 'Files (Attachments)' tab above.

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Beer Advent Calendar easy to construct outer box

Our famous Beer Advent Calendar is an easy to assemble, unique way to sell your beers in the run up Christmas.

The outer box features an eye catching Christmas design that includes a printed Chimneys and Candy Canes game to enjoy through the festive period. 

The outer box is easy to construct ready for loading with your bottles and cans.

Beer Advent Calendar easy to construct tray

All of our Beer Advent Calendars come with a tray that acts as a strong and stable base for your bottles and cans.

This easy to assemble tray has a series of cuts to secure the accompanying dividers up construction. The tray then allows the Christmas advent content to be easily loaded into the outer box ready for sale in the run up to xmas.

Beer Advent Calendar simple pop up dividers

To save our customers time and effort we have designed our advent calendar dividers to popup easily and quickly.

Simply pushing the flat packed dividers together at each end pops the complete piece open to reveal 24 individual pockets.

These pockets can then be loaded with beer, cider, kombucha, merchadise, snacks and more for your customers to enjoy throughout december.

Beer Advent Calendar easy to fill design with individual pockets

Filling our Advent Calendar ready for sale is simple and straight forward.

Once the tray and dividers have been loaded with exciting beers and any other goods you wish to include the complete tray slides easily into the outer box.

 Once the outer box is closed the beer advent calendar is ready to be enjoyed. Each of the 24 windows is removable individually to provide access to the bottle or can within. 

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Bottle / Can Size:
Bottle + Can 330ml / 500ml
Box Capacity:
Bottle / Can - 24
200K/200T E flute
Pre Printed
Kraft Brown

Additional info

24 Bottle and/or Can Pockets | Individual Removable Windows | Printed Chimneys & Candy Canes Game


External (L x W x H):
468mm x 320mm x 275mm
Individual Pocket Size (L x W x H):
70mm x 70mm x 266mm

The Components

Each of our Advent Calendar Boxes is provided flat packed in 3 separate parts.

  • Firstly there is the outer box. This is a simple to construct box that forms the actual calendar once assembled. It features our 2 colour flexo printed design.
  • The second piece is the internal tray which acts as the base for housing your bottles, cans etc.
  • Lastly is a set of pre-assembled dividers which pop open with ease. These dividers create individual pockets for each window of the advent calendar which combined with the tray.
Each Advent Calendar consists of an outer box, a tray and pop up dividers



Advent Calendar Outer Box Construction

Constructing the Outer Box

The first step towards the finished 24 Beer Advent Calendar is to assemble the outer box. This will house the tray, dividers and all bottles & cans etc upon completion.

  • Step 1 - Lay the outer box somewhere flat and push the long edges together to pop open the box. Make sure to orientate the box so the printed 'Chimneys and Candy Canes' game is the top panel.
  • Step 2 - Fold the 2 smaller flaps inward so they meet in the middle and effectively close one end of the outer box. Then fold the large end panel up and fold the tab down and insert into the top edge of the box. Effectively closing that end of the outer box
  • Step 3 - Fold the secure locking tab up first and then fold along the middle score line so the end section of the tab is at 90 degrees to the base part. Then insert the locking tab down into the gap along the top edge of the large panel from step 2.
  • Done - Once the above steps are completed to the box can be put to one side ready for loading with the assembled tray and dividers.



Advent Calendar Tray Assembly

Our advent calendars feature a large tray that, when assembled, will form the base for the contents of the calendar. The tray secures the dividers in place and allows the content to be slid into the outer box with ease.

  • Step 1 - First fold both the long edge flaps up 90 degrees. Then fold the short tabs inward 90 degrees so they run in line the with short edges. Once this is done fold up both the short edge flats 90 degrees to stand tall.
  • Step 2 - Fold the now standing short edge flaps down over the long edge tabs. The flap at each short edge should fold down and secure into pre-cut holes in the tray base. The short edge flaps also have two score lines in the middle that should create a smooth flat level top edge along the folded down short edges.
  • Step 3 - Now the short edges are in place repeat the same process for the long edge flaps. Folding both over and down, slotting into pre-cut holes in the tray. Again these long edge flaps have two score lines that should create small flat top edges along all of the tray.
  • Done - If the above steps are done correctly the entire tray should now have a smooth flat top edge all the way around. Some gentle pressure may be required along the edges to push the scores into a flat position.

Constructing the pre assembled advent dividers



Constructing the pre assembled advent dividers

Pre Assembled Divider Construction

All of our Christmas Beer Advent Calendars come with a pre-assembled set of internal dividers. These go on to create the individual pockets using for housing your beers and more!

  • Step 1 - Stand the pre-assembled dividers up with the indented edges toward the bottom. Now push the dividers together at each end.
  • Step 2 - With enough pressure from each edge the dividers should spring open ready to be inserted into the already constructed tray.
  • Step 3 - Take the dividers and insert the shorter side into the short side of the tray. Small indentations along the short side of the dividers should align with holes along the short side of the tray. The portion of the divider below the indentations should then slot into the holes in the tray. Repeat this along both short edges of the dividers and tray.
  • Done - If inserted correctly the dividers should now sit neatly in the tray below with the indentations along the divider edges resting neatly along the sides of the tray.



Filling your Advent Calendars

This is the fun part! Now the tray and dividers are fully assembled along with the outer box, you can start filling the advent calendars ready for sale.

  • Step 1 - The tray and dividers form the individual pockets for the advent windows. You can begin to fill each compartment with your beer (or cider, kombucha, merchandise, snacks and more) bottles & cans and anything else you would like to include. Once all the pockets are filled you can slide the complete tray into the outer box. Ensure the advent windows are at the top and the tray slide in at the bottom.
  • Step 2 - Once the loaded tray is fully inserted into the outer box, seal the open side where you inserted the tray as you did for the opposite side.
  • Done - Now the outer box is sealed and chock full of delicious treats your advent calendar is ready for sale. 
Each Advent Calendar consists of an outer box, a tray and pop up dividers

Construction Diagram (Advent_Calendar_Box_Folding_Instruction.pdf, 1,497 Kb) [Download]

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