Beer Box Shop To Attend SIBA BeerX 2020

by Chris Holleran
Beer Box Shop will again be in attendance at the SIBA BeerX trade show this year on the 11th and 12th of March 2020.

Beer Box Shop will once again be in attendance at the SIBA BeerX trade show this year on the 11th-12th March 2020 at the ACC Exhibition Centre in Liverpool.

As Silver level SIBA members we always look forward to attending the BeerX trade show each year. It provides a fantastic opportunity to engage with new and existing customers alike. The show is packed with interesting people and content including panels debates, networking opportunities and arguably most importantly lots of great beer. 

IT and Marketing Manager Chris Holleran said: "After a fantastic event last year we have made the decision to increase our display to an even larger stand this year to help better show off our comprehensive range of gift and trade packaging."

MD Simon Hulse in attendance at BeerX 2019

As part of our display for the show we will have a range of products available to see including: -

  • Our entire range of 'Off the Shelf' Bottle & Can Gift Boxes.
  • A selection of trade boxes suitable for bottling and canning runs along with beer logistics.
  • Various Mail Order boxes perfect for sending your beer safely through the post.
  • Some great examples of bespoke printed boxes we have produced for our customers.
  • Ideas for Christmas Gift Packaging.
  • Examples of our new range of Wooden Beer Boxes.

Vote for Beer Box Shop in this years SIBA Business Awards

The SIBA Business Awards are a great part of the BeerX show looking to congratulate excellence across the brewing industry.

In 2018 & 2019 Beer Box Shop were finalists in the 'Supplier Associate' category and we have entered again this year.

We would like to wish everyone taking part in all these prestigious awards the very best of luck!

Beer Box Shop at Stand 149 for BeerX 2020

Our Managing Director Simon Hulse will be on hand at stand 149 throughout the event to advise and discuss any packaging requirements you have.

We will be located next to one of the events Barista Bikes so why not grab a beer or coffee and come across to check us out!

This year BeerX will once again be hosted at the ACC Exhibition Centre in Liverpool with the two-day event welcoming all walks of brewing life.

For more in-depth information regarding BeerX 2020, including accommodation, workshops, debates, venue and ticket details please visit the official website for BeerX 2020 HERE.


We are looking forward to meeting new and existing customers alike and hope to see you all there!

How to Create Your Own Beer Advent Calendars To Sell This Christmas

by Chris Holleran
Create Your Own Beer Advent Calendars to sell this Christmas

Everyone loves the idea of receiving a Beer Advent Calendar and with the rise of interesting and alternative Advent Calendars being sold across the land, there has never been a better time to get your business involved. 

Here at Beer Box Shop, we have created a uniquely designed Beer Advent Calendar for our customers to fill with their own range of beers and more. These filled advent calendars are then perfect for selling over the counter in your breweries, bottle shops, taprooms and anywhere else that comes to mind (lots of our customers attend Christmas markets throughout November and December).

The purpose of this blog is to showcase to you our own Advent Calendar Design, however before we get to that let's take a brief look at the history behind Advent Calendars.

A Brief History of the Advent Calendar

The first practical advent calendar traditions hail from Germany, as so many of our modern Xmas traditions do. Days were counted down through the use of chalk markings on walls as well as the burning of a candle each day. The first known hand made advent calendar was created in 1851. Printed Advent calendars then began to appear from around 1902 but the innovation of adding small doors for each day did not occur until the 1920s, pioneered by Gerhard Lang from 'Reichhold & Lang' printing offices. The popularisation of the advent calendar as we know it today is often credited to American President Dwight D. Eisenhower who released photos of his grandchildren opening one during his terms as President and by 1958 chocolate-filled Advent Calendars were readily available to the masses.

Our 24 Beer Advent Calendar Gift Box

Get your Beer Advent Calendars Here

The modern surge in more exciting and valuable advent calendars is where our design for a 24 Beer Advent Calendar comes in. We want our customers to be able to offer and therefore upsell their beers as part of this lucrative Christmas industry. Our design is simple to assemble and can be loaded with bottles, cans, merchandise, snacks and anything else you wish to include!

The Components

Each of our Advent Calendar Boxes is provided flat packed in 3 separate parts.

  • Firstly there is the outer box. This is a simple to construct box that forms the actual calendar once assembled. It features our 2 colour flexo printed design.
  • The second piece is the internal tray which acts as the base for housing your bottles, cans etc.
  • Lastly is a set of pre-assembled dividers which pop open with ease. These dividers create individual pockets for each window of the advent calendar which combined with the tray.
Each Advent Calendar consists of an outer box, a tray and pop up dividers

Advent Calendar Outer Box Construction

Constructing the Outer Box

The first step towards the finished 24 Beer Advent Calendar is to assemble the outer box. This will house the tray, dividers and all bottles & cans etc upon completion.

  • Step 1 - Lay the outer box somewhere flat and push the long edges together to pop open the box. Make sure to orientate the box so the printed 'Chimneys and Candy Canes' game is the top panel.
  • Step 2 - Fold the 2 smaller flaps inward so they meet in the middle and effectively close one end of the outer box. Then fold the large end panel up and fold the tab down and insert into the top edge of the box. Effectively closing that end of the outer box
  • Step 3 - Fold the secure locking tab up first and then fold along the middle score line so the end section of the tab is at 90 degrees to the base part. Then insert the locking tab down into the gap along the top edge of the large panel from step 2.
  • Done - Once the above steps are completed to the box can be put to one side ready for loading with the assembled tray and dividers.

Advent Calendar Tray Assembly

Our advent calendars feature a large tray that, when assembled, will form the base for the contents of the calendar. The tray secures the dividers in place and allows the content to be slid into the outer box with ease.

  • Step 1 - First fold both the long edge flaps up 90 degrees. Then fold the short tabs inward 90 degrees so they run in line the with short edges. Once this is done fold up both the short edge flats 90 degrees to stand tall.
  • Step 2 - Fold the now standing short edge flaps down over the long edge tabs. The flap at each short edge should fold down and secure into pre-cut holes in the tray base. The short edge flaps also have two score lines in the middle that should create a smooth flat level top edge along the folded down short edges.
  • Step 3 - Now the short edges are in place repeat the same process for the long edge flaps. Folding both over and down, slotting into pre-cut holes in the tray. Again these long edge flaps have two score lines that should create small flat top edges along all of the tray.
  • Done - If the above steps are done correctly the entire tray should now have a smooth flat top edge all the way around. Some gentle pressure may be required along the edges to push the scores into a flat position.

Constructing the pre assembled advent dividers

Constructing the pre assembled advent dividers

Pre Assembled Divider Construction

All of our Christmas Beer Advent Calendars come with a pre-assembled set of internal dividers. These go on to create the individual pockets using for housing your beers and more!

  • Step 1 - Stand the pre-assembled dividers up with the indented edges toward the bottom. Now push the dividers together at each end.
  • Step 2 - With enough pressure from each edge the dividers should spring open ready to be inserted into the already constructed tray.
  • Step 3 - Take the dividers and insert the shorter side into the short side of the tray. Small indentations along the short side of the dividers should align with holes along the short side of the tray. The portion of the divider below the indentations should then slot into the holes in the tray. Repeat this along both short edges of the dividers and tray.
  • Done - If inserted correctly the dividers should now sit neatly in the tray below with the indentations along the divider edges resting neatly along the sides of the tray.

Filling your Advent Calendars

This is the fun part! Now the tray and dividers are fully assembled along with the outer box, you can start filling the advent calendars ready for sale.

  • Step 1 - The tray and dividers form the individual pockets for the advent windows. You can begin to fill each compartment with your beer (or cider, kombucha, merchandise, snacks and more) bottles & cans and anything else you would like to include. Once all the pockets are filled you can slide the complete tray into the outer box. Ensure the advent windows are at the top and the tray slide in at the bottom.
  • Step 2 - Once the loaded tray is fully inserted into the outer box, seal the open side where you inserted the tray as you did for the opposite side.
  • Done - Now the outer box is sealed and chock full of delicious treats your advent calendar is ready for sale. 
Each Advent Calendar consists of an outer box, a tray and pop up dividers

Following the above steps, you will be able to construct and fill your very own Beer Advent Calendars with ease, ready to sell in the run-up to Christmas!

Buy Your Christmas Beer Advent Calendars Here


SIBA Midlands Independent Beer Awards 2019 | Beer Box Shop Sponsors Award

by Chris Holleran
Director Simon presents the Gold award to White Horse Brewery

SIBA Midlands Independent Beer Awards 2019

Here at Beer Box Shop we take great pride in being Silver SIBA members and taking part in their many events wherever possible. Often this includes participating in the regional SIBA Independant Beer Awards as both judges and sponsors of various catagories.

This week our Director Simon made his way over to the SIBA Midlands Independent Beer Awards 2019 hosted as part of the fantastic Peterborough CAMRA Beer Festival. Here he was able to participate in some of the judging which involves rigoursly tasting lots of different beers and scoring them according to several criteria. We always enjoy taking part at these events as it provides an excellent oppurtunity to catch up with our existing customers and making new contacts a like.

Judging Tables at SIBA Midlands Independent Beer Awards

Sponsorship of the Overall Champion of the Bottle/Can Competition Award

As part of the event we sponsored the Overall Champion of the Bottle/Can Competition Catagory with Director Simon presenting the Bronze, Silver and Gold award to the much deserving winners. After all the scores were tallied up the awards were presented as follows...


Gold Award

Gold Award presented to White Horse Brewery

The Gold Award was presented to Gav from White Horse Brewery for their excellent 'Dark Blue Oxford University Ale' - 4.3%. A much deserving winner with superb chessnut, chocolate and fruit flavours!



  Silver Award   Bronze Award  
  Silver Award presented to Purity Brewing Company   Bronze Award presented to Titanic Brewery  
  The Silver Award was presented to Purity Brewing Company for their 'Pure Helles' - 5%.    The Bronze Award was presented to Keith from Titanic Brewery for their ever popular 'Plum Porter' - 4.9%.   


All of us here at Beer Box Shop would like to congratulate the winners for their fantastic beers!


For more information about the SIBA Independant Beer Awards please click here



Legislation Change to Data Protection (GDPR)

by Chris Holleran

As you may have been aware the new GDPR changes came in to effect on the 25th May 2018. As part of our business operations, we hold data relating to your account in our database.

In accordance with the European Regulation relating to Personal Data (the “GDPR”), we wish to inform you that the information which we hold and process is to fulfil our business relationship with our users.

We process the details you give to us via this website in order to manage our business relationship effectively and for the fulfilment of all online orders.

The data we hold consists of contact names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses. We do not share your information with any third parties outside of Drinks Packaging Ltd and our distributors in order to facilitate the delivery of goods. If there is a requirement to share any information elsewhere we shall ensure that we seek your explicit consent before doing so.

We keep your information for the duration of our relationship and for up to 7 years afterwards as necessary however, we will delete once it is no longer required or at the explicit request of the user.

We collect and store your details carefully and securely and only use them with your permission.

In line with the legislation you can exercise your rights in respect of access, rectification and erasure of your data. These rights can be exercised by contacting us.

We may also use your data to send you information relating to the services we offer or to give you updates concerning our service to you. If you no longer wish to receive our information please contact us stating this within the email.

If you have any questions or concerns relating to the above please do not hesitate to contact us.